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Campaign in Guelb Lehdej

    Guelb Lehdej deposit In the iron mining district of Zouarat, Mauritania, the Tayssir Exploration camp emerges in the heart of the desert. Thanks to Tayssir Drilling and with CRN Consultants as the certifying company, an exploration and resource evaluation campaign has been carried out through over 6,000 m of drilling and more than 500 samples that have intersected the magnetite and hematite layers of the Guelb Lehdej deposit. The results are promising; more than 400 million tons of iron ore classified as measured and indicated resources, evaluated in one of the license sectors, suggest that Guelb Lehdej is one of… Leer más »Campaign in Guelb Lehdej

    Digitalization of Water Conference

      Digitalization of Water Conference CRN Consultants participated as a speaker at the water digitalization conference held on Friday, July 15th, co-organized by the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium along with Aclima, the Basque Environment Cluster. Maider Ledesma Cantero, a geology expert from CRN, presented on «Digitalization of environmental monitoring networks of the water environment (surface and groundwater) at industrial and mining sites.».

      Penouta mine concession

        Penouta mine concession Congrats to all the team from Strategic Minerals Europe Corp. In Consultores Independientes en Gestión de Recursos Naturales S. A. – CRN We are proud to achieve the Penouta mine concession with the drafting of the Exploitation Project, Environmental Impact Study, and Restoration Plan. Thank you once again for your trust in us. #consultores #mineriaresponsable La Xunta autoriza la explotación de 50 millones de toneladas de mineral en…

        The water from Fuensanta is among the best waters for restoration.

          It can be found in most renowned restaurants in Asturias Although it is becoming increasingly scarce, Spain is a country rich in spring waters. There are no two alike. Each one of them has nuances and its own personality, determined by a unique mineral composition,» warns Irene Zafra, Secretary General of the Association of Mineral Waters of Spain (ANEABE). She reminds us of the origin: «We are one of the most natural products on the market. Raindrops or snowflakes filter into the ground and, on their journey to the underground aquifer, the water absorbs different minerals from each geological layer,… Leer más »The water from Fuensanta is among the best waters for restoration.

          CRN becomes part of ACLIMA

            CRN becomes part of ACLIMA Last Friday was the General Assembly of Aclima, Basque Environment cluster, where Independent Consultants in Natural Resource Management S.A. – CRN had the pleasure of officially presenting itself as a new partner. After the General Assembly, we were able to participate in a roundtable discussion about Sustainable Urban Regeneration as a focal point for change in the cities of the #future. #environment #responsiblmining #environmentalsustainability

            El agua de Fuensanta entre las mejores aguas en restauración

              Se puede encontrar en la mayoría de restaurantes de renombre de Asturias Aunque cada vez es un bien más escaso, España es un país rico en aguas de manantial. No existen dos iguales. Cada una de ellas posee matices y personalidad propia, determinada por una composición mineral única, advierte Irene Zafra, secretaria general de la Asociación de Aguas Minerales de España (ANEABE). Recuerda el origen: “Somos uno de los productos más naturales que existen en el mercado. Las gotas de la lluvia o de la nieve se filtran en la tierra y, en ese viaje hasta el acuífero subterráneo, el agua… Leer más »El agua de Fuensanta entre las mejores aguas en restauración