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It can be found in most renowned restaurants in Asturias

Although it is becoming increasingly scarce, Spain is a country rich in spring waters. There are no two alike. Each one of them has nuances and its own personality, determined by a unique mineral composition,» warns Irene Zafra, Secretary General of the Association of Mineral Waters of Spain (ANEABE). She reminds us of the origin: «We are one of the most natural products on the market. Raindrops or snowflakes filter into the ground and, on their journey to the underground aquifer, the water absorbs different minerals from each geological layer, which give each mineral water its own characteristics.» In this sense, she points out that «the uniqueness of each mineral water is determined by different factors, such as the geology of the terrain, the temperature, or the time spent underground.» And she claims that «natural mineral water, both sparkling and still, is always a winning gastronomic proposal because it pairs well with any type of product.

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