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Environment and land planning

Our Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) stand out for their comprehensive and personalized approach to the projects being evaluated, as well as the high level of technical expertise and rigor in the supporting environmental studies. All of this is backed by numerous successful cases of obtaining the corresponding Environmental Impact Declaration (xx EIA and over XXX environmental studies conducted), many of which were carried out in highly demanding environmental protection contexts.

Main activities:

  • Processing of environmental and sectorial authorizations
  • Environmental cartography
  • Environmental risk analysis
  • Environmental monitoring plans
  • Micro-environmental parameter monitoring in caves
  • Rehabilitation and enhancement projects for underground cavities
  • Landfill projects
  • Diagnosis of soil and groundwater pollution
  • Assessment and implementation of corrective measures
  • Restoration and management plans for mining waste
  • Environmental control networks

Highlighted projects

EsIA “San Pablo” (2009) and “San Roque” (2020). MAGSOR
Monitoring of caves with rock art heritage. DIPUTACIÓN FORAL DE BIZKAIA

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