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Hydrology and Hydrogeology

The broad capacity of technical solutions and methodologies for characterization and designs in the water cycle has always been a key feature of CRN.

Main Activities:

  • SIGA (Integrated Water Management Systems) in mining and industrial projects
  • Evaluation and planning of water resources
  • Exploitation and management of aquifers
  • Hydraulics of intakes
  • Protection perimeters of aquifers
  • Characterization and diagnosis of aquifer contamination
  • Evaluation techniques in low permeability environments (LPE)
  • Aquifer modeling
  • Hydrology and hydraulics of floods
  • Hydromorphological studies
  • Channeling structures and diversion of watercourses
  • Environmental control networks for the water environment:
    • Hydrological and hydrogeological monitoring
    • Flow measurement and flow control systems
    • Hydrodynamic calculations
    • Piezometric and water quality control networks

Main Projects

Lanjarón Water Concession. DANONE WATERS
Restoration of the phosphogypsum ponds in the marshes of Huelva. TRAGSATEC
SIGA and Environmental Control Network “San Pablo”. MAGSOR

Other Services

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